EPiServer License API​​​

The EPiServerLicenseAPI is a way for you to automate your interaction with the EPiServer License Center.
EPiServerLicenseAPI Is RESTful and HTTP-based.
Basically this means that the communication is made through normal HTTP requests.​


EPiServerLicenseAPI use API-Keys for authentication, this key is connected to your company and can be obtained from the license center dashboard.
That way all your applications use the same key.
The authentication methods for user credentials are either sending the key as a parameter in the url,
encrypted over HTTPS.​​​​


Or sending the key in the HTTP requests Authorization header. A space and "Apikey " is then put before the provided api key.

Ex.GET: https://serviceapi.episerver.com/api/v1/license
Authorization: Apikey xxx

This means you will provide your credentials every time you make a request.

Supported Content-Types​

The EPiServerLicenseAPI supports JSON and XML data. If no content-type header is included in your call,
we return JSON data by default. If you include a header of "content-type: text/xml" or "content-type: application/xml"
we will accept and return an XML representation of the data.

Ex.GET: https://serviceapi.episerver.com/api/v1/license
Authorization: Apikey xxx
Accept​: application/xml

Error Response

Error HTTP Response: Error Status Codes

Status Code Description
200 OK Successfull request
400 Bad Request Path variable may be invalid
403 Forbidden Insufficient role
404 Not Found Request not found
405 Method Not Allowed Request method not allowed
500 Internal Server Error Unexpected server error

Error Body

Field name Description Type
StatusCode The HTTP status code. String
StatusDesc Description of HTTP status code. String
ErrorMessage Additional information. String

Response Format

  "StatusCode": "sample string 1",
  "StatusDesc": "sample string 2",
  "ErrorMessage": "sample string 3"